The “FOOD PYRAMID WAY OF EATING”, will almost always EVENTUALLY lead most people down the road to disease and DECAY.

Are you willing to risk future sickness, pain and suffering, all because of a lack of knowledge??

In the Digestive Chemistry Diet you will discover exactly…

  1. How to easily lose weight without exercise, without starving, and without drugs or surgery!!!
  2. How to get rid of acne, headaches, gas, constipation , itchy skin, low energy, athletes foot, avoid colds and the flu without dangerous flu shots, and much more. This way of eating enables you to heal from many different types of health problems.
  3. How to combine your foods so that they digest way more efficiently, and in a way that will get rid of those embarrassing and painful digestive problems.
  4. How to steady your blood sugar and stabilize your moods, so you don’t have so many mood swings.
  5. How to oxygenate your body without damaging, strenuous exercise that can mess you up permanently if you get injured.
  6. How to find out which foods your genetics thrives on the best. So you can get rid of acne and eliminate digestive problems for good.
  7. A list of foods that cause acne in most people that have acne. (These foods destroy my skin every time I eat them!)
  8. How to get rid of acne and “razor bumps” by changing the types of foods you’re eating.
  9. How to create tasty, healthy meals made of HEALTHY foods, that taste almost the same as the ones that are bad for you and lead to disease.
  10. How to increase your physical energy, and sustain it, so you can get a lot more done in your days.
  11. How to keep your skin moisturized without having to use synthetic lotions that are expensive, full of dangerous chemicals, and actually bad for your health and make your skin age quicker.
  12. Which foods promote health and which ones destroy it, and which foods to eat if you want to lose weight without exercise, and which ones make you pack on the pounds.
  13. The missing links to why you might be tired all the time.
  14. Why all the washing in the world will never fix the root cause of acne.
  15. The reasons why most popular diets today will fail you, and can actually make you get sick as a result from following them.
  16. Recipes to keep your energy up, and how to prepare and store them so they do not rot fast.
  17. How the food industry actually puts addictive chemicals into your food to keep you buying their pre-packaged food, which will prevent you from losing weight and keep you addicted to their foods.
  18. The reason there is so much conflicting information out there about health and fitness, and how they lie to you about how you can easily lose weight without exercise, if you are on the proper diet.
  19. Why the “FOOD PYRAMID WAY OF EATING”, will almost always EVENTUALLY lead most people down the road to disease and DECAY.
  20. How easy it is to make small changes now, that’ll make a huge difference in your overall health for the long-term. You will understand step by step how I reversed all my health problems, and how I got to a low body fat percentage in the process.
  21. The real reason that people gain weight. (It’s not what you think. You are not storing fat so you can hibernate for the winter. You are storing excess acids and toxins in your fat cells. You will discover what to eat to neutralize these toxins, so the fat just melts off.)
  22. The real reason people develop acne. (It has nothing to do with bacteria in your pores or a lack of using harsh cleansers). The manufacturers of these cleansers have been lying about the cause of acne for decades.
  23. How to prepare meals that make you lose weight even if you stuff yourself. The amount of food you eat has nothing to do with weight gain, it’s the types of foods that really matters.
  24. How to get rid of athlete’s foot and jock itch without medications or sprays.
  25. The different types of fiber, and which ones are the best for gently scraping out old food residues from your digestive tract, and which types of fiber will make you gassy and have stomach cramps and feel miserable. (You want to make sure not to over eat them or you will be in major pain for the next few days.)
  26. Why the last thing you want to do is exercise TONS of excess weight off. You need to lose most of your weight beforeyou start any exercise program (if you decide to add that element later). You see, Exercise is slightly damaging, so if your body is not in healing mode, then you can wear out your joints fast, especially if you are really overweight.
  27. Which natural food sources have the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to nutrient content.
  28. How to rev up your metabolism with a dirt cheap all natural herbal supplement, that is way safer and better than coffee, that will suppress your appetite. (Not required)
  29. The reason why you don’t need Vitamin supplements when you’re on the proper diet that digests efficiently. Exception: I do recommend taking supplemental ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) periodically, but ONLY at the right times, and ONLY with the right foods, or you could become extremely gassy and might get severe heartburn.
  30. How to replace the friendly bacteria that your body needs to keep yeast organisms under control. (If you have taken antibiotics, then you definitely need to do this or you will get yeast overgrowth in your body which is not good at all. Yeast overgrowth is a major factor in many health problems, and most people have it and don’t even know it.)
  31. Which foods are OK to cook, and which foods should never be cooked. (Especially if you suffer from heartburn.)
  32. The reason why bottled juices can be bad for your health, but fresh Raw juice is healing.
  33. How to make sweet treats that won’t make you gain weight.
  34. Which foods should never be eaten together at the same meal. (especially for acid reflux and gas)
  35. How to eat “neutral meals” in between meals that contain foods that will not digest well with the previous meal.
  36. The way that the ratio of macronutrients contained in a meal affects the overall glycemic index of the stomach contents. It’s not just as simple as eating low glycemic foods or “slow carbs”. (Most “experts” totally miss this one.)
  37. Why you can eat home-made hash browns and French fries, and other fried foods, (as long as you use the proper type of oil, and eat them with foods that they will digest good with), which can actually be moderately healthy for your body, and still be able to lose weight without exercise and reverse acne.
  38. The reason why you do not need to worry about the amount of total calories you eat in a day to lose weight without exercise. HINT: Its the type of calories. You can expel certain types of calories from your rear end into the toilet if you overeat them, as long as you don’t eat them with certain foods.
  39. Why this program is so much better and effective than probably any of the other diet programs that you have ever heard of for getting results. Why settle for a weight loss diet, when this diet plan is kinda like a “one stop shop” that fixes many minor health problems like acne, acid reflux, gas, headaches, itchy skin in private areas, and more.

Remember: this is a healing diet that was modeled after many successful doctors’ research in the past, and “tweaked”, tested, and all tied together by me…. And I have attained near perfect health as a result of following this master plan that I have been putting together over the last 7 years.


I am a Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and you can ask me all the questions you want. I will be there for you! And remember: I have not sold out to anyone, like many people in the industry today. And I will tell it to you strait! No Lies.